About Randy Thio

My name is Randy Thio, partner & founder of ideabloke, a personal digital media agency committed to 100% organic social media practices. Our passion here is to help businesses integrate social media into their marketing mix organically. We understand that each client has a unique set of marketing goals & objectives, so we didn’t want to be limited to offering cookie cutter solutions. Instead, each client receives a fully customized solution that we create from the ground up.

Due to the organic nature of our social media campaigns, we chose not to integrate any form of paid advertising into any of our solutions. This is true not only for our clients, but for the agency as well. Clients seek us out not only for our unique philosophy, but also because we put to practice the very same strategies that we promote.

Our clients understand the importance of being a socially savvy business. They’re innovative, loyal, and are committed to a strategy for the long haul. In short, they get it. We couldn’t be more proud of our clients!

Feel free to reach out to us, we’d love to hear about your social media goals.


Randy Thio